Text Box: Remodel and Addition, Larkspur California

The Clients wanted to add a second story Office/ Studio and Deck Space, while preserving the design character of a house built in the 1920ís and added onto in the 1970ís.

A dynamic approach to massing enhanced the stepping design of the house, screening views from neighboring houses, and working within zoning setbacks.† Windows and skylights maximize natural light in a dense woods, while the deck projects and becomes part of the tree canopy.

The site is surrounded by dense redwood trees, and maximizing natural light was critical.† Each room has windows facing in at least two directions.† The Studio has windows on all four walls, as well as skylights.

The house had previously been heavily with copper napthanate in the crawl space, which was contaminating the air in the interior.† The main floor was rebuilt to seal the toxic chemicals from the living spaces.

Natural materials are used throughout, including bamboo floors and non-toxic paints.

VanMechelen Architects

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