Bella Vista Park Restrooms, Oakland, CA

Material durability and low maintenance were critical factor for this 400 square foot toilet and storage structure in a public park.  At the same time, the clients wanted to make showcase of recycled and environmentally considered  materials, and to use a design and materials that could be erected by the local community. 

The form provides natural light to all the interior spaces.  A central bearing wall separates the toilets from the storage room, and simplifies building the structure.  The walls are rammed earth, and the roof is standing seam metal with integrated photovoltaic panels to power the lights. 

Glass windows were avoided due to security concerns. Openings to the toilet areas are high to ensure privacy, while large openings in the sink area will have security bars fabricated by a local artist from scrap metal.  In addition to low-flow toilets, there will be a waterless urinal which saves water and has less maintenance..

VanMechelen Architects

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